Our Approach

We take a multi-pronged approach to improving the bioavailability and/or speed of onset of poorly soluble drugs, and to improving the performance of compunds with other physico-chemical challenges such as poor stability:

  • Investigate superior solid forms. Using our proprietary CrystalMax® high-throughput crystallization platform, we seek out alternative solid forms of the API, that may improve critical aspects of its performance such as solubility, dissolution rate, and stability:
    where the compound is “saltable,” we can identify
    salts more thoroughly than anyone else
    where the compound is not “saltable,” we can look more comprehensively than anyone else for pharmaceutically acceptable co-crystals which can have a similar impact as a salt on a drug’s performance. Case Study>>
  • Investigate superior formulations. Using our FAST™ /SFinX™ high-throughput formulations discovery systems, as well as our substantial pharmaceutical know-how, we can rapidly evaluate a broad diversity of formulations for their potential to improve drug performance.
    Case Study>>
  • Informatics-driven knowledge. We use sophisticated informatics to enable our scientists to design large, combinatorial form- and formulation-discovery experiments intelligently, and to mine the resulting rich datasets with advanced data mining tools, to glean unusual insights.
  • Form + Formulation. Sometimes, 1+1 does equal 3. For example, on at least one major marketed drug, we have discovered a novel solid form that operates synergistically with a novel formulation, achieving remarkable improvements in the drug’s bioavailability and rate of onset. Neither the new form nor the new formulation would, by itself, have enabled such an improvement. Case study. We have filed broad patents on the principles underlying the methods that we used to accomplish this notable result, and believe that this approach has potential for many other drugs.