TransForm’s value creation strategy is focused on:

  • Undertaking significant platform development and product operating deals with a select number of leading pharmaceutical companies, and
  • Developing proprietary products for our own pipeline.

Profits generated from our platform business are reinvested in developing our own product pipeline. We are also interested in exploring deal structures in which we provide value-added services to our partners in exchange for certain product opportunities.

Transform’s strategy can be summarized in five “P’s”: Platforms, Products, People, Partners, and Patents. People, Partners and Patents are the foundation upon which we have built our platform and products capabilities to create significant value for our shareholders.

On the collaboration front, we seek to work on challenging pharmaceutics projects, where conventional approaches and technologies are inadequate. We believe that having a deep understanding of our partners’ needs, and involving them in key decision-making, enables TransForm to best leverage our significant pharmaceutics expertise for the benefit of our partners, and together find “out of the box” solutions to meaningful development challenges. We believe that our partners gain significantly by actively and collaboratively engaging in real time knowledge exchange and problem-solving. They bring the expertise on their product challenges, we bring expertise on how to solve physico-chemical challenges facing their products.