TransForm has used our FAST™ high-throughput formulations optimization technology to find superior solution formulations of a number of poorly soluble, IV dosed drugs. One of these is paclitaxel, the active ingredient in the blockbuster oncology drug Taxol®, whose annual average sales have exceeded $1 billion for the past several years. The currently marketed formulation of Taxol® contains cremophor, a surfactant that has been associated with sometimes severe allergic reactions in some patients, and has required co-administration of other anti-allergy medications.

After conducting over 30,000 formulation experiments using pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, TransForm identified and patented several solution formulations which do not contain cremophor and yet otherwise have equal or superior solubility and physical and chemical stability to the marketed formulation of Taxol®. When two of these formulations were dosed to animals, they were better tolerated than Taxol®. All excipients used have been used in other approved parenteral products.

TransForm is currently investigating out-licensing options for its improved formulation of this life saving drug.