Unique combination of technology & people.
At TransForm, we are committed to revolutionizing the art of solid form selection and formulation design. Our technology is more than just machines, and more than just people. It’s about the potent combination of the two.

We hire experts in crystallization, formulation design, automation and informatics with significant industry experience
We provide them with best-in-class, proprietary, high-throughput technologies and sophisticated informatics to design and execute the experiments they envision
And we maintain a culture that rewards speed, innovation and creative problem-solving.

Preferable alternative to delivery systems or special processes.
The value of our technology is that it is agnostic as to therapeutic area. Our approach to enabling poorly soluble drugs avoids many of the disadvantages of employing a delivery system or special process, such as high cost, technical & regulatory complexity, or delay. In addition, the intellectual property that we generate relates to the composition of matter of the drug product itself, rather than to the delivery system or process used. “Composition of matter” patent protection, if comprehensive, can be more difficult for competitors to circumvent than process patents or delivery system patents.