Propofol – TransForm has discovered several stable, solution formulations of this very poorly soluble anesthetic agent, with equivalent performance in dogs to Diprivan®, the marketed IV emulsion formulation.

Paclitaxel – TransForm has discovered several cremophor-free, IV formulations of this very poorly soluble anti-tumor drug, having equivalent solubility and stability to the marketed drug, Taxol®, and offering the potential of faster and higher dosing.

Itraconazole – TransForm has discovered several novel, stable, pharmaceutically acceptable crystalline forms of this very poorly soluble anti-fungal agent, which have dissolution profiles approaching that of the amorphous form of the drug, and vastly superior to that of the crystalline free base.

Topiramate – TransForm has discovered a novel, stable, pharmaceutically acceptable crystalline form of a high dose, major marketed drug that is 100X more soluble than the currently marketed form, and that may enable alternative PK profiles such as controlled release or faster onset.

TPI-336 – TransForm has made dramatic potential enhancements to a marketed blockbuster drug, improving bioavailability in dogs from 40% to over 95% and significantly accelerating onset. This improvement was enabled by a proprietary TransForm formulation of a novel, pharmaceutically acceptable crystalline form discovered by TransForm scientists.

Ritonavir – Using less than 2g of compound, TransForm scientists were able to discover both known crystalline forms of this infamous compound (including the more stable form that emerged two years after product launch), as well as three other, previously unreported forms.

Sertraline – TransForm has discovered 18 novel, crystalline forms of the active moiety in Zoloft®, including an additional novel, pharmaceutically acceptable form of the very well studied HCl salt that is the actual active ingredient, as well as several other novel, crystalline salt forms, some of which appear to be much less polymorphic than the HCl salt.