High-Throughput Platforms

TransForm has developed state-of-the-art, high-throughput technologies in solid-state chemistry and formulations design, driven by sophisticated informatics that enable us to capture relevant information in real time. Most of the modules of our platforms are operational at throughputs that are 10-1,000x faster than present industry standards, and use orders of magnitude less drug substance per experiment.

Solid Form Discovery: CrystalMax® Platform
With a capacity of up to 10,000 crystallization experiments/week, enables us to comprehensively discover and characterize the diverse solid forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Helps us explore solid-state alternatives to enhance poorly soluble compounds, such as salts and co-crystals. Also enables us to comprehensively explore polymorphism, hydration and solvation states of a compound.

Formulations Discovery: FAST™ and SFinX™ Platforms

A capacity of over 5,000 experiments in parallel enables us to comprehensively evaluate a broad diversity of excipient combinations and concentrations for compounds that are to be delivered in dissolved or semi-solid form (e.g., parenteral, liquid oral solution, soft gel, liquid-filled capsule). We use these technologies to discover superior formulations for poorly soluble compounds for both early animal studies and clinical studies.


Our scientists design combinatorial experiments on all of our platforms using a set of proprietary design of experiment tools developed at TransForm. Most experimental data are captured automatically. We can then manage, interpret and mine the resulting large data sets to look for non-obvious and “synergistic” interactions and trends, using sophisticated data clustering and visualization tools.

TransForm is also actively exploring opportunities to leverage its existing platform technologies and expertise to develop high-value solutions that address pressing R&D problems in both the biologicals and vaccines areas.