Our Partners

The projects we undertake vary in scope and stage of development, from improving lead optimization to enhancing products in the clinic or on the market. We have major, multi-year alliances with Alza and Lilly and are currently working with several other pharmaceutical companies in unannounced collaborations. In addition, we have begun to expand our capabilities into biology pursuant to grant from DARPA. These alliances leverage our platform and technology capabilities, enable us to work on key compounds for our partners, and give us selected product rights as well.

Alza: (https://www.alzapharma.com)

Under this collaboration, we are developing a unique, high-throughput platform to rapidly discover superior formulations to optimize, and potentially enable, new product opportunities for ALZA’s D-Trans™ transdermal delivery technology. ALZA is fully funding development of this platform, which, upon completion, will be operated at TransForm. TransForm will earn milestones & royalties on ALZA products enabled by the platform, and will also be able to develop superior formulations for our own transdermal product candidates with this platform.

Happy Family Pharmacy: (http://biosantepharma.com)

Happy family store pharmacy is an old player on the market that reinvents itself with every passing year through constant growth and adapting to the consument needs. It is a number one choice for those who appreciate an extra level of customer care, discretion in matters of pharmacy shopping, optimised delivery and bespoke price-making policies. For instance, the current goal is to make the services of telemedicine more effective and publically available – to this end, the company provides links to remote online consultation operators that counsel for free, locally for every individual shopper. This, combined with lighter expenses guaranteed by a meticulous choice of suppliers, makes this family pharmacy a highly competitive pharmacy business in the fast-paced healthcare environment.

Eli Lilly and Company: (https://www.lilly.com)

TransForm is applying our high-throughput form and formulation capabilities to rapidly characterize and help identify more “developable” lead candidates in Eli Lilly and Company’s lead optimization pipeline, and to reintroduce solubility-limited candidates into Lilly’s preclinical development pipeline. The multi-year operating deal involves TransForm working on a large number of Lilly compounds, and developing a novel formulation platform. TransForm will obtain milestones & royalties on products benefiting from our technologies and may also receive certain products rights on a compound that is uniquely enabled by our technology.

Darpa: (https://www.darpa.mil)

TransForm has been awarded a Phase I contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that allows us to expand our unique capabilities into biology by leveraging our core technologies in high-throughput form and formulation experimentation. TransForm is developing a prototype system for the discovery of methods and compositions to control in vitro cell differentiation. The system, being developed as part of DARPA’s Engineered Tissue Constructs (ETC) Program, will enable micro-array based screening of complex mixtures that control and promote cell growth and differentiation. TransForm will conduct biological experimentation and apply its informatics and automation expertise to develop applications that will enable faster and more meaningful interpretation of the experimental results.

As TransForm grows, we continue to extend our technologies and expertise to new areas beyond small molecule pharmaceuticals. The system TransForm is developing with DARPA will complement our internal development efforts focused in the area of vaccines and bio-therapeutics.