New Technology

TransForm’s multidisciplinary team is well-positioned to leverage our expertise in form and formulation to address challenges in bioproducts, including vaccines and proteins. We have also developed a distinct set of capabilities in the area of human skin and are exploring ways to utilize our growing expertise to develop our own distinctive products.

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Technology development is an ongoing process for us at TransForm and because we are generally the end-yser of the technologies that we develop, we are always working to improve our platforms and product offerings. We have developed several highly extensible capabilities, including:

The ability to generate, track and process large numbers of microscale chemistry experiments
Sophisticated data mining and modeling capabilities that are agnostic to the type of data used
The ability to rapidly prototype and develop customized, high-throughput assays and analytics

Looking ahead, we intend to leverage our current technologies and capabilities to address some of the special needs of biologics and vaccine development. We are also interested in technology development alliances where we can apply our expertise to additional product types and drug classes as well as to the formulation of combination products are of particular interest to us, and we are actively seeking partnerships in these areas.