TransForm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is proud to be recognized by The Scientist magazine as one of the “Best Places to Work in Industry” for the second consecutive year.

At TransForm Pharmaceuticals, we view our people as our primary asset. We have gathered a remarkable group of science and business leaders from the pharmaceutical industry. We encourage excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship in an environment where ideas flow freely, and the best of those ideas can come quickly to fruition.

TransForm Pharmaceuticals has over 85 employees; 80% of our employees work in science and technology. Over 30% of them hold PhDs and 25% hold MS degrees. In addition, we have a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of industry and scientific thought leaders.

One of TransForm’s greatest strengths is the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of our employees. They bring a wide range of training and experience from top academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our unique mix includes chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, biochemists, material science engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and experts in software and bioinformatics from schools such as MIT, UC Berkeley, UNC, Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Brown and Dartmouth. In addition, they bring experience from a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including Merck, Millennium, Astra-Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Alza, Genetics Institute/Wyeth, Alkermes and Lilly.

This all comes together at TransForm where we can select best practices of innovation and excellence to create a truly exceptional place to work.