Form and Formulation

Both the solid form of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) as well as its formulation with other excipients can have a very significant impact on product performance, including its stability, rate of onset and bioavailability. TransForm optimizes product performance by integrating deep scientific knowledge with our proprietary best-in-class high-throughput form and formulation experimentation technologies and state-of-the-art informatics.

We use these capabilities to develop our own products and to work with leading pharmaceutical companies to help them maximize the clinical and commercial value of their drug candidates and marketed products.

One example of how different solid forms of the same substance can have very different properties is the element carbon. One form of carbon is graphite. Another form of carbon is diamond. Created under very different conditions, the two forms represent unique crystalline molecular arrangements of the same substance. Likewise, drug substances can have many crystalline forms, and their value depends heavily on choosing the best one for development or for a particular delivery system, and then formulating it with the best excipients.